Methamphetamine User Arrested for Vandalizing Neighbors Car with Urine Resulting In “Totaling” of Vehicle

Thousand Oaks Police Department

(Thousand Oaks, Ca) On August 22, 2018, Thousand Oaks Police Department patrol deputies responded to a vandalism  call in the 2800 block of Amber Wood Place in the City of Thousand Oaks. Deputies contacted the elderly victim and discovered that someone had poured a large amount of urine on the victim’s sport utility vehicle. Upon review of the victim’s home surveillance video, the victim and the deputies identified the possible suspect as James Eddy Pierson as the person who committed the act.


Thousand Oaks Police Department Detectives conducted an investigation and found that a similar previous incident occurred at the victim’s house where a large amount of urine was poured on the victim’s front door mat. The victim also reported to detectives that he was unable to remove all the urine from his vehicle due to it getting into the interior of the vehicle and causing damage. The estimated total damage caused to the victim’s vehicle was approximately $2000.00.

Suspect vandalism piersonThousand Oaks Police Department Detectives obtained a search warrant for Pierson’s residence. The search warrant was served on August 30, 2018,and detectives located evidence linking Pierson to the vandalism. In addition, evidence was located in Pierson’s home indicating he was a methamphetamine user. Pierson was transported to the Ventura County Jail and booked for felony vandalism and elder abuse. Pierson’s bail was set at $25,000.00 and he is scheduled to be arraigned for the charges on September 4, 2018, in Ventura County Superior Court.

Interviews with Suspect’s Neighbors

Discussions with neighbors reveal that Pierson had a long history of odd behavior within the community. Neighbors were aware that the suspect, and possibly others in the home, were on drugs but hoped that he would turn around his behavior. This recent event proved otherwise and now neighbors are fed up and furious.

“This has been a total nightmare,” Shared Tim & Sandee Saurman. “Our neighbor ultimately had his car totaled from this incident. The smell was so bad from what was poured on it that it could not come out. It didn’t appear to just be urine but likely feces as well.”

The couple described years of bad behavior from outbursts to even having a vagrant live in Pierson’s backyard in a tent that was visible from certain street angles.

“We thought he was going through a tough time and we were praying for him and hoping for the best. But this just crosses the line,” states Mr. Saurman, a retired LAPD officer.

Pierson had been in and out of jail and appeared to have changed ways while incarcerated. But after release, slowly moved back to former habits.

“We hope the best for him but this is just unacceptable,” shared Mrs. Saurman.

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