Mass Shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill with 13 Dead, including one officer

Thousand Oaks Mourns after Borderline Bar & Grill Mass Shooting

(Thousand Oaks, Ca) Thirteen people are dead (including the shooter and a Ventura County Sheriff deputy) after a shooting last night at Thousand Oaks’ Borderline Bar & Grill.

The shooter has now been identified as Ian David Long of Newbury Park. Long, 28, is a veteran who may have been suffering from PTSD.

Ian David Long in high school

The weapon used was a Glock 21 (.45 caliber), which under California law is only supposed to hold 10 rounds. The shooter had an extended magazine with an unknown amount of rounds.

Wednesday night is college night at Borderline. As of this hour the victim’s names have not been made public. Approximately 21 people were injured that self transported to Los Robles Hospital.

The Sheriff’s command center at Moorpark Rd and Rolling Oaks

Sergeant Ron Helus, a 29-year veteran, was injured and died at Los Robles Hospital due to his injuries. A resident of Moorpark, he is survived by his wife and adult son.

Helus was a former SWAT team member and very well trained in tactical procedures.

“He was such a nice person. I can’t believe he is gone,” shared one fellow officer who asked not to be named. “I have known him his entire career and I just talked to him yesterday. He was so well trained that it had to be some precise shot that would injure him.”

It appears at this time that the shooter took his own life. It was stated that all or most of the victims are under the age of 30.

At approximately 11:19pm, many 9-1-1 calls came in. Sergeant Sargeant Helus responded and arrived at 11:22pm along with a CHP officer.  At 11:25pm Helus announced he would go in. He called his wife before doing so. He was shot soon after. Helus was accompanied by a California Highway Patrol officer that has not been named. The CHP officer was not injured. The officers went in an “active shooter” situation. Kuredjian explained that this method means officers enter a scene without waiting for a lot of back up so as to reduce loss of life inside the location.

Victims shared with the Ventura County Sheriff’s office that Helus saved lives with his entrance into the establishment.

Helus was a patrol sergeant. Ventura County Deputy Sheriff’s office Public Information Officer, Captain Garo Kuredjian, has shared that Helus was a cop’s cop. He was a great person and there is a void without him in the department.

A source that asked not to be named stated that he went to Newbury Park High school with Long. “He was a big guy, like 6’3”. He was aggressive. He would get into fights a lot in high school. We played baseball together.” The source stated they lost touch after high school but Long entered the Marines after graduation. The source stated that Long was raised by his mom and never saw his dad.

A woman who asked not to be named stated,” I totally knew him. We graduated in 2008 together. He was obsessed with guns and getting into the army.”

“We mourn with the community. This is a tragic event,” said Kuredjian.

Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin was on scene and shared that she is mourning with the department.

Los Robles Hospital officials stated that the Trauma Center received 11 patients as a result of last night’s shooting. The patients sustained gunshot wounds and laceration injuries. No patients were admitted and 10 were treated and released.

Other agencies that responded to the event include Simi Valley Police Department, Ventura County Fire Department, Oxnard Police Department, FBI, ATF, and the Ventura Police Department.

There is a hotline for families to call for information (805) 465-6650.


Story Last Updated: November 8 at 12:20pmPT

Thousand Oaks and Ventura County respond to mass shooting


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