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LAUSD’s Difficult Summer: LA Teachers Union Preparing to Strike while CSEA, SEIU and AALA Finalize Deals with District; Board Member Pleads Guilty

(Los Angeles, Ca) The Los Angeles Unified School District is having a challenging Summer. First, Board District 5 is still without representation after Refugio Rodriguez plead guilty to money laundering on July 23, for improperly […]

Moving Oxnard Forward-2
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UPDATED: Aaron Starr on Revised S & P Rating for Oxnard, “The only positive S & P had was $5M and not $8.5M owed to ratepayers”

(Oxnard, Ca) Oxnard citizen and mayoral candidate, Aaron Starr, posted to his blog that the reason for the improved credit rating by Standard & Poors revised outlook for Oxnard’s Wastewater Revenue Bond To “Positive” […]