Our Approach

The Voice / La Voz / Ang Tinig (otherwise known as The Voice Newspaper) is an local publication serving Ventura County. Our focus is on local news and feature stories. The Voice is in process of being translated into Spanish and (coming soon) Tagalog.

At The Voice we are interested in reporting the news and not making the news. We focus on stories about people, politics and the community. The community includes local businesses, history, local sports, and anything that impacts our daily lives as residents of Ventura County.

The Voice includes both professional and amateur writers. We also include junior writers from college and high school. Our goal is truthful, unique works with journalistic integrity but with one caveat: subjectivity. A national newspaper is likely not going to cover many stories that occur in their hometown. But when you live in a smaller community where many of your relatives live and where you have attended grade school or high school in the area, almost every story becomes subjective.

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Our Story

The Voice started as a fact based blog among friends and transformed into a local news publication. We recognize that local news comes from many areas of the community. So we strive to include writers that have a passion to share the story and the integrity to be factual.

Our Customers

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