Best Graduation Gift Ideas for 2018

Great Graduation Gift Ideas for High School & College Graduates

Look Mom! I Did it!

Look Mom! I Did it!
Graduation Season is upon us which means it is time to go shopping!

Here are the 2018 gifts ideas for your graduates.

College Graduates

Looking for a job is their next great achievement. So why not help you graduate prepare with the following best gifts for 2018:

  1. Business Card Holder. The excitement of getting their name on the card is almost as exciting as showing off their cool accessory for holding the card. Engraving these provide that extra touch.
  2. Leather Work Bag (for carrying a laptop or notebook). Getting that new job means carrying around work items to and from the office. Your soon-to-be professional can be ready to go with this new work accessory.
  3. Engraved Picture Frame (5 x7). Coming into their new space at work is exciting but it often lacks any decoration. It always feels good to have a special photo close by in a frame that is professional and tasteful.
  4. Gift card to department store (to buy work attire). Work clothes can be so expensive. Having a gift card to buy jacket, shirt, or slacks can be a life saver for someone just starting their work career.
  5. Cash. And speaking of that… Cash is always nice when the bank account may be starting at sea level.


High School Graduates Headed to College

They have a diploma and now are ready for a degree. Going to college is a big life change. Here are the best high school graduation gifts for 2018:

  1. Bicycle. One thing that is undeniable is that when attending a university, there is a lot of walking and parking is difficult. Your family member will never have been as excited to get a bike (not since they got that one in 1st grade).
  2. Laptop. Computers are not cheap but they are so very necessary in college. Look for graduation or Memorial Day sales.
  3. Gas Card. Load up a gas card to help your graduate get around campus and to take care of needed errands while they are on their own.
  4. Noise Cancelling Headphones. The best way to deal with loud neighbors or rowdy roommates is to not hear them while studying or sleeping. These are ideal for the college bound graduate.
  5. Luggage. It is always nice to be able to come home and that is usually easier with a good suitcase rather than a backpack or duffel bag.


High School Graduates Headed to Work

  1. Car. Getting a reliable job is usually dependent on transportation. Helping your recent high school grad with their first car can often ensure they get a job and can keep it.
  2. Watch. Being on time in a brave new world can mean the difference between getting that job and missing an opportunity. Purchasing a watch can help ensure you new grad is always on time.
  3. Coffee Maker. Juan Valdez might just be your grad’s new best friend. Whether waking up early or staying up late, the art of good coffee to assist them in powering through their day is priceless.
  4. Cash in a New Savings Account. Learning to save when you are young is hard. Doing it without coaching is even harder. Your new grad can now have a prompt from you along with a “starter” investment for their future. If they can do that every week for the rest of their lives, they can retire as millionaires.