California State Supreme Court Takes Proposition 9 off Ballot

Cal3 Prop 9

(Sacramento, Ca) The state Supreme Court decided Wednesday that California Voter Initiative Proposition 9 will not appear on the November ballot as opponents filed suit.

Proposition 9 is a voter initiative to divide California into three new states. The three-state initiative had gathered enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

Nine days after opponents filed suit, the court issued a unanimous order removing the measure from the ballot and ordering further legal arguments on whether it should be placed on another ballot in 2020 or struck down altogether.

Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, spent $1.2 million helping to create the measure. Draper Tweeted the following in response:

Tim Draper Tweet
Tim Draper Comment About California’s Supreme Court Ruling to block Proposition 9 from appearing on the November 9 ballot.

The court said it usually allows ballot measures to go to the voters before considering constitutional challenges. But in this case, the six justices said, “significant questions regarding the proposition’s validity” and the “potential harm” of allowing a public vote before those questions are resolved “outweighs the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election.”

On July 12, Draper released on official statement with the following information:

This year, hundreds of thousands of California voters signed their names to a petition demanding a vote on whether to divide the state into three smaller, more manageable states. Fed up with poorly performing schools, crumbling infrastructure and a political system controlled by powerful special interests, these citizens acted. The Cal 3 initiative easily qualified for the ballot as Proposition 9 and this November, all Californians will decide the best path forward for the future.

That is, if they ever get the chance: because the political establishment and forces of the “Sacramento status quo” are doing everything in their power to stop this empowering grassroots movement.

At first, Sacramento insiders and political loyalists tipped their hand with snide commentary, calling it “ridiculous.” When that didn’t work, they cynically implied that the Proposition 9 campaign was somehow being secretly manipulated, a claim that ignores and disrespects more than 600,000 Californians who placed it on the ballot. That hasn’t worked either.”

Across California, many groups seem opposed to the measure, including both gubernatorial candidates and both major political parties.

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