City of Camarillo Adopts Budget for Fiscal Years 2018/19 and 2019/20 of $146.1M and $121.2M

City of Camarillo

(Camarillo, Ca) Last week the City Council of Camarillo adopted annual budgets for Fiscal Years 2018/19 and 2019/20 at $146.1M and $121.2M providing for services and projects.

The public release states, “The City Council’s Budget and Fiscal Policy provides guidance for budget development, implementation and periodic reporting. In establishing annual goals and objectives, the City Council has further maintained the City of Camarillo’s commitment to maintain sound and conservative financial practices, with the objective of ensuring the City’s ability to provide a safe and enriched environment, increase effective communication with the community, provide cost-effective and efficient services to the public, and to maintain a positive  environment for new business and business retention.”

Budget Highlights

For the 2018 /2019 Fiscal Year, the budget includes major provisions for the city’s main services
  • Public Safety: $17.6 Million. Contract relationship with the County of Ventura Sheriff’s Department.
  • Library Operations: $3.1 Million. The services provided continue to
    be enhanced and improved, including the construction and operation of the new Young Adult Center completed in January 2018.
  • Community Service Grants, Community Support and Community Development Block Grant Programs: $0.9 Million.
  • Citywide Lighting, Landscape & Street Maintenance: $5.9 Million

The Capital Outlay plan includes investment and reinvestment into city infrastructure.

  • Capital Outlay Planned: $51.8 Million
    • Transportation Improvements: $6.4 M
    • Water Repairs/Improvements: $32.7 M
    • Sewer Improvement Projects: $8.4 M
The Expected Revenues for the city are as follows:
  • General Fund revenues are projected at $40.4M in FY 2018/19

Projections for 2019 / 2020 estimates were made based on percentage increases from the 2018 / 2019 Fiscal Year.

To read  the memo in detail, click here.

To read the 320 page 2016-2018 budget, click here.