City of Simi Valley Acquires Over 6,600 Streetlights from SCE

City of Simi Valley street light

(Simi Valley, Ca) Continuing efforts to lower energy costs and reduce the City’s carbon footprint, the City of Simi Valley recently completed the acquisition of 6,611 streetlight poles from Southern California Edison. With completion of the Phase One acquisition, in February 2019 the City will begin the process to convert the streetlights from high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures to light emitting diodes (LED) fixtures. Once completed, the City will replace approximately 7,500 streetlight fixtures throughout Simi Valley.

LED streetlights are proven to be more efficient than HPS fixtures, have an expected lifespan of over 20 years, and produce a higher quality of light than HPS streetlights. In contrast to the orange light that HPS fixtures emit, LED streetlight fixtures produce a cooler, more neutral-colored light under which it is easier to see colors. Simi Valley will be installing fixtures with a 3000 kelvin color temperature which provides a warm white light. These LED fixtures, Evolve ERL-1 manufactured by GE Lighting, are Dark Sky Approved by the International Dark Sky Association.

Installing LED streetlight fixtures will save energy, require less maintenance, and will provide citizens with better light quality on streets. In addition, the LED conversion will create more consistent lighting on the streets throughout the City. After the conversion to LED fixtures is completed, the City will save approximately $685,000 in energy costs annually and will save approximately 1.9 million kilowatt hours in energy per year.

In addition to the energy saved from converting the streetlights to LED, in the past two years the City of Simi Valley has further reduced its carbon footprint by installing over 6,500 solar panels that produce over 2,100 kilowatts of electricity and save over $500,000 annually, replaced City facility lighting with LED fixtures saving approximately 806,600 kWh annually and saving $37,800 annually in electrical energy costs, and replaced 27 HVAC units on City facilities saving approximately 900,000 kWh and approximately 4,200 therms annually while saving $160,400 annually in electrical energy costs.

The City has contracted with Tanko Lighting to maintain our streetlights. To report a streetlight outage or a streetlight in need of repair, please use the online reporting at or by calling toll free 1-855-201-2613.

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