Commentary by Angela Nardone (December 14, 2018)

Commentary by Angela Nardone

We are coming upon our 6 month anniversary this month and all that comes to mind is my sincere gratitude to our readers, our advertisers and our sponsors.

Thank you, to our readers (you). Thank you, for reading our articles and enjoying it enough to come back again for more. Thank you, for providing feedback and sharing opinions so we can get better every day. Thank you, also, for referring your friends and helping them sign up for our news alerts and newsletters. We have grown more than 5x from when we began simply because of you. That’s incredible to experience in just 6 months!

Thank you also for supporting our advertisers! That is so very key!

To our advertisers, thank you for believing in us enough that you spend money to promote your business or cause and help grow ours. Our goal is to be sure people know about your business or cause and to help introduce you to people that will be interested to support you. Thank you for giving us that opportunity.

For those that have simply sent us money to sponsor us and help get our content out, thank you so incredibly much. That positive sentiment really moves us and encourages us. You are putting your money where your heart is and it makes a difference to help us get the news out to our readership.

Our Success Together

With your help, here are our successes here at The Voice La Voz California in just 6 months. This data was obtained by Google where we were benchmarked against 83 other local news sites.

  • Our Bounce rate (the rate at which people leave or “bounce” off of our site after seeing only 1 page) is under 1%. According to Google, the industry average for other local newspapers in our area is about 68.6%. That means when people come to our site, they enjoy what they are reading and stick around to read more articles after the first one. Readers do this substantially more on our site than other news sites in our community.
  • People looking for news find us twice as often on Google searches as our competitors. This means we are staying more current on news so you can get information as fast as possible.
  • People that are referred to our site read 5.99 (or 6) pages after getting here. WOW! Our competitors only see 1.73 pages on average. People read 3 times as many of our articles compared to our competitors!
  • People who come to our site on an organic search (ex. going to Google and typing in “Local News” for your search) read 3.11 pages on our site vs. our competitors who only obtain 2.22 pages read.
  • The average time someone spends on our site (who has been referred from another source (like a Facebook post or Twitter) is 5 minutes and 11 seconds compared to our competitors who only receive 1 minute and 46 seconds. This is huge! Time is money and when people give us their time, that means they are viewing more of our content and more of our advertiser’s information, which creates value.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for helping us make these amazing achievements. You have been there with us and we cannot convey enough gratitude for your commitment as a reader of The Voice.

Start Something New in 2019

As we near the end of the year, our (“our” meaning you and me) new venture here has made me think about the New Year and what new adventures might await us in 2019.

I have had many people email us about their opinions of the election and their feelings about the outcomes (good and bad). I say this as a reminder because I know you know this already: Stay in the game. Whether your side won or lost. Whether you were elected or not. Whether laws you agreed with passed or failed. Stay in the game. Apathy is just as dangerous as surrendering.

I have heard a lot of people share good reasons to “check out” of things on the political front:

* “California is too expensive and I am moving from here anyways.” (Apathy)
* “The other side cheated. The gap is just too big to bridge.” (Surrender)
*  “Things have gone too far and I don’t thing we can bring it back.” (Surrender)
* “My candidate lost and with re-districting I am not sure the best candidates will now be elected because of gerrymandering.” (Surrender)
* “My candidate won and now everything is going to be ok. I can walk away now.” (Apathy)
* “What does it matter anyways? This ___ (law, school policy, tax policy, health care law, etc) doesn’t apply to me and doesn’t affect me anyways.” (Apathy)

Maybe you stay in the game to start something new in 2019? Maybe it is time.

I certainly did not think even 1 year ago that I would be starting a publication. While I wrote in high school and college, that was 20 years ago. And yet, the pieces came together, and the people came together, and the support came together. I can’t tell you I knew that would happen when we started last May. But, somehow things worked out.

A book I was encouraged to read by a mentor when I first started my professional career 20 years ago is called “The Alchemist” by Paolo Cuelho. (I am sure many of you have read it). My favorite quote from that book is…

Paolo Cuelho quote from “The Alchemist.”

If you believe in something, make it known. In all likelihood, there are other people willing to fight for it too who are waiting for someone else to stand up first.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

So what is in store for you in 2019? We have a special community here with many skilled, bright, and (most of all) resourceful residents. You are one of them. I know that is true because you are reading this publication. (You are already ahead in the game just because of that!) But in all sincerity, having lived here most of my life, when I meet people in our community, I am almost always impressed by their story, their accomplishments, their deep drive, and most of all their desire to make the world a better place.

I would love to know more about your exciting plans for 2019. Write me at If it is something you don’t mind sharing let me know. If you would like it kept private, that is fine too.


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