Conejo Council PTA States Dr. Amy Chen Cannot Participate in Forum Due to Missed September 1 Deadline

Conejo Council PTA

(Thousand Oaks, Ca) At Tuesday night’s CVUSD Board meeting, an exchange between Conejo Council PTA president, Rocky Capobianco, and CVUSD Board candidate, Dr. Amy Chen, revealed that a certified letter had been sent to Chen by the PTA but she had not received it.

During her public comments, Chen stated she had not received the letter but would be happy to attend the event.

The exchange is memorialized in a previous article. Click here to read more

In multiple emails exchanged between The Voice La Voz and Mr. Capbianco following the CVUSD meeting, Capobianco stated, that the post office reflected three attempts to deliver but no success. “The deadline to respond for candidates to participate was September 1st as per the rules set forth and explained in their letter.”

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