Do You Enjoy “Bleisure Travel?” Millennials May Be Starting a Trend You Like

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With the rise of millennials taking business trips, it's important that companies like Boston Corporate Coach™ adapt their service to the bleisure travel trend. (PRNewsfoto/Boston Corporate Coach)

(Ventura County, Ca) “Traveling for business or pleasure?” Say good-bye to choosing.

At least that’s the case with the much-courted millennial travel demographic, which is driving the trend of mixing the two and giving rise to the urban term “bleisure travel.”

“Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a substantial spike in business travelers requesting info and on what to do in the area for fun,” explains Boston Corporate Coach President and CEO Meir Waizman. “We require all our chauffeurs in the more than 500 locations we service across the globe to know about things these travelers can do between their meetings and after their work is completed.”

Bleisure travel is a buzzword for travelers, particularly millennials keen on achieving a work/life balance. Recent surveys suggest there has been an upsurge of interest in taking hybrid business-leisure trips that help achieve the traveler’s professional goals alongside relaxation and fun.

According to the “Bleisure Report” provided by Bridgestreet Global:

  • The majority of annual travel is for leisure, with business making up 30% or less
  • 83% of respondents use time on business trips to explore the city they’re visiting
  • Six out of 10 travelers are away from home on business 10 or more days per year, with two of those travelers away for 60+ days
  • The majority of respondents (60%) have taken bleisure trips, with most (30%) respondents adding two vacation days to business trips
  • Nearly half of respondents (46%) add personal travel days to business travel “every trip” or to “most trips”
  • The three most popular bleisure activities are:
    1. Sightseeing
    2. Dining

    3. Arts/Culture

  • 96% of respondents believe they gain cultural experience/knowledge through bleisure trips
  • The top reason for bleisure travel is a desire to see the world and gain cultural experiences
  • More than half (54%) of travelers that take bleisure trips bring their family members or significant other with them


The advent of modern connectivity has allowed the concept of working while on vacation to seep into popular culture. Today, it’s easy to connect to the office while the traveler is on vacation. Equally, he or she can add leisure time to that next business trip.


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