Letter to the Editor: Democrats and RINO’s Your Vote Really Counted

Letter to the Editor

Unfortunately your election of Jacqui Irwin has led to higher gas taxes and electricity costs, made us less safe (sanctuary state law and reducing criminal penalties), more public (tax payer funded) benefits for both illegal and legal immigrants, allowing immigrants to serve on various boards (medical, dental, accounting, architect, pharmacy, real estate, etc.), moving the high speed train funding forward ($40 billion approved budget can now grow to $98 million) and restrictions on the 2nd Amendment.  Irwin’s voting record show she support the liberal Sacramento establishment.  She is a career political whose priority is re-election.  Leaving her in office will lead to HIGHER TAXES (on services such as your dentist, doctor, mechanic, hairdresser, etc., on your drinking water, and on your property).  You might even be forced to drive electric cars in California in the future.

Instead vote for change and elect Ronda Kennedy for State Assembly in November.  Ronda’s priority is to the people of the District not to liberal Democratic policies.  We need someone who will work to insure safe neighborhoods, repeal the gas tax, roll back stupid laws and regulations, stop the Sacramento budget games, reduce government bloat and halt the high speed train project.  The liberal policies are not logical (why is the penalty for plastic straw violations the same as for those caught stealing?).  MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT AND ELECT RONDA KENNEDY IN NOVEMBER.

Gil Muramatsu
Thousand Oaks


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