Letter to the Editor: Power to the People

All voters in Conejo Valley are Well Served to Support Dunn, Andersen, and Simpson for CVUSD Board

The Sleeping Giants, families who were tired of extreme liberalism on the Conejo Valley School Board, rose up and voted out the prior agenda two elections in a row. Community boots on the ground walked the streets of Conejo Valley and made a mark in history. Public, private and home school families showed up in vast numbers, revealing their desire for constructive change. It was beautiful!

The American public education system has roots back to 1647 and local committees, by design, were created to be independent of big government. However, if the local union gets their way this election, that autonomy will be jeopardized for our school district. Let’s not lose the ground we worked so hard to take back. The hard left candidates throwing their hat in the ring should concern every voter this year.

Three crucial votes can be cast this election and the first should be for Angie Simpson. Her proven leadership, practical approach, motherhood, and integrity make her a candidate worthy of our trust. Additionally, CVUSD board members Mike Dunn and John Andersen must keep their seats, because of their push for age appropriate content, student and parent rights, school safety, and due process for all.

Anonymous bloggers (cowards) and current board member Betsy Connolly repeatedly speak out against Mike Dunn, John Andersen and Sandee Everett. Our three conservative candidates actually stand in the “bean patch” of our community, striving hard to defend and protect it with guiding moral compasses. They take the heat for all families who want government by the people and for the people, putting egos aside.

We don’t need board members with fancy titles and self-serving opinions trying to indoctrinate the children of our little “Mayberry” town. It’s easy to criticize and cast stones when you have no facts, read spinning articles, and your family hasn’t been directly affected by the circus of the previous boards. Sleeping Giants will continue to stand. Will you stand together, arm-in-arm with them this election?

Gina Conti
Parent of four CVUSD alumni

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