Letter to the Editor: Public Education Funding Needs Planning

Angie Simpson

Public education funding is far from simple, especially here in California. My philosophy on managing a budget of any size is centered upon planning, preparing, execution and discipline. The current CVUSD operating budget is approximately $195,000,000 per year. As a CVUSD Trustee I will be an active member of the leadership team in setting instructional priorities, ensuring our district has the resources to pay for the services within the current budget cycle, developing a long term sustainable plan, and insuring there is a plan in place to monitor progress and make adjustments as necessary to stay on track.

While the complexities of public education funding mechanisms in California are a challenge in themselves, the uncertainties of state funding levels make the job even more difficult. The current CVUSD Board of Trustees does not borrow from future years, and I support this type of prudent fiscal management practice.

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Angie Simpson

Angie Simpson for School Board