VIDEO SERIES: Marriage in Ventura County- Stories of Success from Those with Over 50 Years of Marriage

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(Ventura County, Ca) With summer upon us, we are in the midst of wedding season. But how do we make it last? Marriage in Ventura County is the focus as Angela Nardone asks residents of Ventura County how they make their marriages work and how they make them last.

In Part 1 of this Video Series, we speak with Joe & Margie Richey of Thousand Oaks.

Joe & Margie

Joe & Margie Richey were married in 1964 and have now been married for 54 years. Originally meeting while in high school in Pittsburgh and then breaking up for a short time, they got back together after Margie bumped into Joe’s friend at a local party and told him, “Have Joe call me.” The two got back together soon after and just days later were married.

In their candid full interview, the couple share advice for those considering marriage.

In their “Happily Ever After” story, Joe and Margie moved to Thousand Oaks in 1970 and bought their first home together. Margie obtained a job almost immediately at Los Robles hospital and Joe worked for the telephone company.

Today, Joe and Margie have two children and four grandchildren. Both are retired.

In one clip, they talk about how they remained monogamous to one another through a lot of temptation and also how romance has changed over 54 years of marriage.

For the full interview of Joe & Margie, tune in to our Youtube channel tomorrow, Friday, July 20, 2018. To see more interesting videos about life in Ventura County, visit our YouTube Channel.

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