National Police Association Releases New Survey Results Reflecting Support for Proactive Policing

National Police Association

(Indianapolis, IN) The National Police Association, or NPA, released key findings from a recent public opinion survey were showing strong support for proactive policing that reduce the number of people committing crimes and the number of crime victims. The survey was conducted in the summer of 2018.

Responses reflect that participants overwhelmingly believe recent media attacks on police and law enforcement have caused officers to be more reluctant to attempt to stop murders and other crimes before they are committed. The vast majority support the right of law enforcement officers to use force to stop a crime in progress, to apprehend a criminal, or to defend themselves from criminal attack.

The survey found participants concerned that law enforcement officers are reluctant to wrestle a criminal suspect to the ground, use a nightstick, or use any type of force when apprehending a criminal because they fear getting sued or brought up on charges of “police brutality.”

Further, most believe recent media attacks on police and law enforcement have caused officers to be more reluctant to attempt to stop murders and other crimes before they are committed.

Similarly, the majority of respondents reject the demand by radical anti-police groups that law enforcement officers not be allowed to carry a gun with over 90% of respondents stating law enforcement should not be disarmed.

Other key survey findings include:

  • The majority think local law enforcement should be able to work with immigration officials to deport dangerous criminals who are not citizens.
  • Over 80% do not agree with the many politicians who are in favor giving convicted murderers, rapists, and burglars the right to vote and oppose voting rights for criminals.
  • A majority of participants think schools should be required to teach children respect for law enforcement officers including how to behave if they are stopped by a law enforcement officer.
  • Would rather have law enforcement in their community prevent crime by stopping suspicious people for questioning than have the police wait until a crime has been committed before taking action.

NPA involvement in recent headlines

The National Police Association has assisted various police agencies with issues ranging from ANTIFA to the announcement that Chicago Mayor Rahm Immanuel may have violated his ethics obligations by offering the ACLU and Black Lives Matters Chicago seats at the table in supervising the Chicago Police Department.

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