The Best National News Channel in America That You Probably Aren’t Watching… Yet

(San Diego, CA) One America News Network (OANN) has fast become the best kept secret in cable news. Known as OAN, the network tends to focus on international and national news not being shown on other cable networks, that are at times consumed with ratings magnet stories versus reporting of international and domestic current events.

Now known as the most balanced cable news channel, OANN contrasts to the hard left MSNBC, moderate left CNN and very red FOX News. In prime time, it airs political talk shows, one of which Herring said “leans hard right.” That program is called “The Daily Leger.” One America News also airs “Tipping Point” appealing to millennial viewers.

OANN was started by Robert Herring of Herring Broadcasting, Inc. in 2013. Many industry experts downplayed the possibility of success stating that cable news was already saturated.

Just 5 years later, OAN now has 30,000,000 households tuning in for the few broadcasts it offers Monday through Friday. It is now positioned as a family run operation that promises ‘straight news, no opinion,’ and presents itself as the ‘antidote to the Big Three cable news networks’ and their incessant focus on punditry and the one big story of the moment.” OAN takes a more traditional approach to news reporting more aligned with traditional evening news formats with broadcasters such as of Walter Cronkite.

In discussion about the differences between One America News and other media outlets, Herring replied, “News anchors aren’t allowed to express opinions,” he said. “If they want to express opinions, they are welcome to apply for a political talk show.”

DirecTV offers OAN on channel 347. The broadcast is also available online. To find OANN in your area, click here