Ventura County Sheriff’s officials reveal Helus’ death caused by friendly fire

(Simi Valley, Ca) Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub announced on Friday morning that the death of Sergeant Ron Helus  was caused by a 6th bullet shot from the rifle of a CHP officer that accompanies him into Borderline Bar & Grill the night of November 7.

Ventura County Medical Examiner, Christopher Young, explained that Helus was shot 5 times by Ian Long but none of the shots were fatal. A 6th shot from a rifle penetrated his bullet proof vest and hit his heart. Young declined to state whether Helus was shot from the front or the back.

Sheriff Ayub began the conference stating that as the investigation continues to unfold, they are continuing to understand how chaotic it was inside the location. “People were running out into the parking lot and jumping out of windows to escape. Many were visibly bleeding. Shots could be heard when the officers arrived.”

“Today I am deeply saddened to inform you that Sergeant Helus was also struck by a 6th bullet, which we now know through forensic analysis by the FBI’s crime laboratory was fired from the CHP officer’s rifle. Tragically that bullet struck vital organs. This was a dynamic, chaotic event that led to a very brief but furious gun battle between the killer and the lawmen. We believe Sergeant Helus was clearly not the intended target of the CHP Officer, which further illustrates the extreme situation that both men faced,” stated Sheriff Ayub.

“It is important to remember that the horrific circumstances at the Borderline Bar & Grill on that Wednesday night were caused by the evil actions of one individual. The man that murdered 11 people and injured 22 others. He alone created the violence and he alone bears the responsibility for his course of action. The burden lies solely with him.”

California Highway Patrol Chief of Coastal Division L.D. Maples stated he shared the news with the deputy the day before the press conference.

“I delivered the message to him and He had no clue it was coming,” stated Maples. “He’s devastated.”

The suspect, Ian David Long, a former Marine, entered Borderline Bar & Grill with a Glock 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol and a folding knife. It is estimated he shot approximately 50 rounds. He came with 7 high capacity, 30 round magazines. Investigators found 5 fully loaded.  The suspect also had a flashlight with a laser sight on the gun. He used smoke grenades leading authorities to believe he intended to create chaos and confusion among the victims. Long killed 10 with his gun and 1 with his folding knife.