Ventura County Weather: Staycation or Should You Pack Your Bags?

(Ventura County, Ca) This time of year, it’s almost impossible to find someplace to go with nicer weather and amenities. Think about it.

  • Oahu, Hawaii- 84% Humidity and 84 degrees F
  • Orlando, Florida- 91% Humidity and 91 degrees F
  • Chicago, Illinois- 83% Humidity and 80 degrees F
  • New York, NY- 82% Humidity and 89 degrees F
  • San Francisco * Too many public safety issues to consider
  • Puerto Vallarta- 87% Humidity and 89 degrees F with 80% precipitation and thunderstorms

Booking travel means airplanes, packing bags, staying in hotels, and figuring out where to go, what to do, and where to eat.

Is it really worth it this summer season? What is the alternative?

Well, if you consider staying locally, what does Ventura County look like? Let’s take a peak.

Oxnard Weather July 16, 2018
Oxnard Weather beginning Monday, July 16, 2018

Oxnard weather gives people a reason to want to visit the beach and eat lunch at the marina. Even heading a bit north to downtown Ventura and taking a stroll on the pier or walk Main Street and check out the local shops and cafes could be fun.

Have you ever visited the Mullin Automotive Museum? If you haven’t, you may be surprised at the amazing quality of cars to see here locally. Click Here to see more.



Thousand Oaks seems like a great place to take a walk or bike ride in the morning and lay by the pool in the afternoon. Maybe visit a local day spa or just stay at a local resort as a way to treat yourself for a few days.

Thousand Oaks weather
Thousand Oaks weather for the week of July 16, 2018

With this weather! Why not?!

Have you checked out the Tripadvisor “things to do” in Thousand Oaks? Taking a hike at Wildwood park comes up at Number 1 with Gardens of the World coming in 2nd Place.




Simi Valley Weather July 2018
Weather in Simi Valley the week of July 16, 2018

Simi Valley’s weather is the most consistent of the bunch: Temperature in the 90’s with humidity in the 40’s for the next 10 days. So after you visit the Ronald Reagan Library, what is there to do next in Simi? Most know about the Simi Valley historical society has the Strathearn Museum. But did you know that Simi Valley has a skateboarding museum and Hall of Fame? Yes! That’s right! Skate Labs in Simi Valley offers this amazing attraction and the ability for you to check out their skating park.


Tip for a successful Staycation

Staying home means you can spend more time on your entertainment and less on everything else. For your ultimate staycation enjoyment, keep in mind the following 5 Great Staycation Tips

Tip # 1 Make a Staycation Plan

If you take the time off your usual duties, it’s surprising how easy it is for them to draw you back if you don’t have a plan. Plan your days with the added benefit that you are on home turf. If you have a plan of what you will do for each day that you are on your staycation, it is much less likely that you will convert your vacation into work catch up time.

Tip #2 Pay Someone to Clean Your House During the Staycation

Remember all that money you’re saving by not going out of town? Put a little of it aside for some luxuries during staycation, and start with getting the house cleaned. This could be a full cleaning with a house-cleaning company, or a visit from someone who wants to make a few bucks cleaning out your sink and refrigerator.

When the dishes are all done, the floors washed, the bathrooms smelling fresh and clean it will almost feel like you we were in a hotel (in a good way).


Tip #3 Get the “Honey Do” List Done Before the Staycation

You are just about to sit down and watch that show you have had on the DVR for some time and no sooner do you do that than do you get reminded of that flickering light bulb in the kitchen. Be sure to get all that simple maintenance stuff out of the way. Lightbulb and battery analysis throughout the house is a good start. After that, change the air conditioning filters is good. Check out the landscaping and check the sprinklers in the yard. If there is any maintenance needed, get it done before your staycation.


Tip #4 Now you can try out that place you have been hearing about

No cooking and no cleaning means getting to try a whole bunch of fun new spots or old favorites. Ask around as well as check out the social eating sites. There could be a gem in your own backyard.

Tip #5 Savor the Memory and Buy or Create Own Souvenirs

If you are in Hawaii, you get a Hang loose shirt. If you are in Mexico you have to get a Mexican blanket (love mine). But what do you get in your home town? Well, that’s the beauty of it: You get to decide! Some top favorites

  • Coffee Mugs (You can drink out of on your staycation)
  • Local T-shirt tag or with a fun phrase that sets the theme for the event
  • Fun picture printing created at a local printer


You put so much time into your home: maintaining, cleaning, and organizing. It deserve pictures just as much as Mexico or Hawaii!

Enjoy your Staycation this summer!