Vote for Change on November 6th

Letter to the Editor

Vote for Change on November 6th

Do you want a better future for you and your family? I do, that is why I am voting for REPUBLICAN candidates and YES on PROPOSITION 5 & 6. This will bring you lower and better use of your taxes, better job opportunities, safe borders and orderly immigration, patient centered health care choices and parent guided education systems, a friendlier business environment and a halt to the high speed train.

In contrast the liberal Democrats have given you higher taxes, higher cost electricity, fewer job opportunities, open borders with dangerous gangs, government bureaucracy and waste, extreme environmental mandates, unfriendly business environment, DMV lines, lesser penalties for convicted criminals (same penalties for straw ban violators and those caught stealing), more public benefits for illegal and legal immigrants, tax payer funded abortions and budget misuse and overruns. For example, high speed train budget grows from the approved $40 billion to $98 billion. A better choice is to repeal the gas tax (Yes on 6) and use this money to fix our roads.

Elect the RIGHT leadership team for a better future: John Cox for Governor; Antonio Sabato Jr. for Congress; Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy for Assembly; Mark Meuser for Secretary of State; Konstantinos Roditis for Controller; Greg Conlon for Treasurer; and Steven Bailey for Attorney General.

Gil Muramatsu
Thousand Oaks