What does the CVUSD Alternate Assignment Policy (6161.1) Actually Say?

conejo valley unified school district cvusg policy 6161.1

Board Policy 6161.1

(Otherwise known as “The Book Policy”)- Selection, Review, and Purpose for Alternative Assignment Process

Read the Policy directly on the CVUSD website by clicking here.

Selection Process

Selected core literature titles will serve to support the standards, depth, and complexity of the subject matter while meeting all student needs with consideration for the College Board Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate coursework and assessment. To facilitate the effective selection of core literature titles, the Superintendent or designee shall align criteria to be appropriately implemented through Administrative Regulations 6161.1.

  1. In selection of new core literature titles, preference shall be given to the California Department of Education’s Recommended Literature List.

    (Teachers are encouraged to evaluate the reading level of selected titles.)

  2. Teachers shall complete and submit The Grades 9-12 Core Literature Approval Form to the English Articulation Committee for consideration. (Exhibit A)

    Education Code 60002 states, “Each district board shall provide for substantial teacher involvement in the selection of instructional materials and shall promote the involvement of parents and other members of the community in the selection of instructional materials.”
    (cf. 6161.1 -Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials)
    (cf. 6161.11 -Supplementary Instructional Materials)

Review Process

The Board’s priority in the selection of core literature titles in grades 9-12 is to ensure that all students are provided with standards-aligned instructional materials in the core curriculum area of English Language Arts.

In reviewing proposed grades 9-12 core literature titles, teachers shall be involved in a substantial manner. The District shall take reasonable measures to promote and obtain parent/legal guardian and community member(s) participation in the review and selection process.

(cf. Education Code 60002)

The review process for grades 9-12 core literature titles is as follows:

1. The English Articulation Committee shall read, review and discuss potential core literature titles. Titles recommended by the English Articulation Committee will be submitted to the Secondary Curriculum Advisory Council and the Grades 9-12 Core Literature Parent Advisory Committee for review and recommendation to the Board.

2. The Grades 9-12 Core Literature Advisory Parent Committee will be chosen as outlined in Administrative Regulation 6161.1. Committee members are expected to read each submitted core literature title. (cf. Education Code 60002)

3. Grades 9-12 core literature titles that are recommended by one of these two advisory committees shall be brought to the Board for approval.

These committees shall review grades 9-12 core literature titles using criteria provided in law, Board Policy, and Administrative Regulation and shall provide the Board with documentation supporting their

All core literature titles for grades 9-12 recommended by the advisory committees shall be available for public inspection at the District office. The District shall provide details of when the recommended grades 9-12 core literature title(s) are available for viewing prior to Board approval.

(cf. 5020 -Parent Rights and Responsibilities)
(cf. 1220 -Citizen Advisory Committees)

Alternative Grades 9-12 Core Literature Assignment

The purpose of this process is to ensure that students choosing an alternative assignment have a positive experience. Every reasonable effort should be made to accommodate the student’s individualized needs throughout the process.

  1. As has been the practice for many years, all grades 9-12 English teachers’ syllabi shall require a parent/legal guardian acknowledgment signature. Since the purpose of the notification on the syllabus is transparency, the parent signature is not intended as permission, but merely acknowledgment that the information has been received. The following statement shall be included on each 9-12 English teachers’ syllabus

    Parents/legal guardians and students have the choice to request an alternative assignment when the content of core literature materials are in conflict with personal sensibilities and/or values.

  2. Core literature titles selected for use by teachers or students that are identified as “published for an adult readership and thus contains mature content” by the October 2017 California Department of Education (CDE) Recommended Literature List annotation (posted on October 2017 but since modified) shall have an asterisk placed by the book and include the following statement in the teacher’s syllabus:

    * This book was published for an adult readership and thus contains mature content. Before handing the text to a child, educators and parents should read the book and know the child.

    Please go to http://www.conejousd.org/Departments/Instructional-Services/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/High-School-Curriculum for more information

  3. Parents/legal guardians must be informed of all core literature titles selected for use during the school year no later than the high school’s Back to School Night.
  4. All approved grades 9-12 core literature titles shall be available on the District website and at http://www.conejousd.org/Departments/Instructional-Services/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/High-School-Curriculum. A hyperlink to the California Department of Education Recommended Literature list, hyperlinks to the internet archive (archive.org) copies of the October 2017 CDE annotations for books written for adults and therefore containing mature content, as well as other trusted websites with book reviews will be provided.
  5. All grades 9-12 core literature alternative assignment requests shall be honored with a predetermined assignment that is meaningful, appropriate, standards-based, and of similar difficulty to the original assignment
  6. The District will provide mandatory professional development for all high school English teachers regarding the implementation of this Board Policy and related Administrative Regulation.
  7. To ensure this process is functioning well, parents and students that choose to utilize the alternative assignment process will be provided the opportunity (but not required) to share their experience by filling out a survey at the beginning and end of the alternative assignment process.

    In order to avoid additional burden on the teachers, this survey shall be administered by District or Site Administration and not the teacher.


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